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Redefining Productivity and Collaboration with Ayoa’s Mind-mapping and Task Management Tools

At Ayoa, we're passionate about making work management as smooth and efficient as possible. Our suite of tools is designed to help teams turn their ideas into reality through enhanced collaboration and productivity. By integrating mind mapping, task management, and instant messaging, we provide a comprehensive platform that supports the flow from initial brainstorming to task completion.

Company Overview

Founded on the principle that great ideas need the right environment to flourish, Ayoa is more than just a software application—it's a productivity powerhouse that bridges the gap between creativity and implementation. Our tools are crafted to suit the dynamic needs of modern teams, whether they're working in-house or remotely. With a focus on simplicity and user-friendliness, Ayoa aims to streamline the planning and execution of projects across various sectors and industries, including technology, education, marketing, and more.

Main Products and Features

Ayoa's offerings are built around three core functionalities: mind mapping, task management, and project management. Our mind mapping tool encourages free form thought generation, helping teams visualise their ideas and strategies flexibly and dynamically. On the other hand, the task management feature ensures that ideas are translated into actionable tasks, with comprehensive tools for setting deadlines, priorities, and dependencies. Project management is facilitated through one platform that allows you to track multiple projects, easily categorise them, and assign to the relevant personnel.

Ayoa offers a unique combination of mind mapping and task management features.

Here are some key features:

Collaborative Online Whiteboard: Ideal for remote and distributed teams to brainstorm ideas, assess them, and create effective plans.

Video Chat (only for Ayoa Ultimate): Built-in Zoom integration and end-to-end encrypted Ayoa video for easy communication.

Radial Maps: Visualise your aims and ideas in a pie-chart format, adjusting the sizes of the segments to signify their importance.

Public Mind Map Sharing: Share your mind maps with multiple people, even if they don’t have an Ayoa account.

Mind Mapping: Generate new ideas with the visual thinking tool loved by millions worldwide. Present your mind map bit by bit or keep it to yourself until you're ready to share.

Gantt Timeline View: Create Gantt-style charts for effective time management.

Visual Task Management: Break free from lists and spreadsheets with a selection of visual boards.

Real-Time Collaboration: Invite friends and colleagues to work together on your mind maps and task boards.

Ayoa’s features are designed to enhance creativity, productivity, and collaboration in the workplace. It provides a uniquely visual interface that allows you to see an overview of your projects and view as much or as little detail as necessary.


From the outset, Ayoa's unique value proposition has been clear: to offer a creative yet structured environment where teams can efficiently collaborate, plan, and execute their projects. Unlike other platforms that separate these functions into different tools, Ayoa combines them into a single, integrated solution, making it easier for teams to transition from ideation to action.

Our commitment to innovation is reflected not just in the features we offer but also in how we approach the development of our platform. We're constantly listening to our users and evolving our features to meet their changing needs. 

Ayoa's versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of sectors and industries. Our mind-mapping tools offer creative teams a blank canvas for brainstorming sessions. At the same time, project managers appreciate the clarity and control our task management features provide.

Educators and students find Ayoa invaluable for organising coursework and collaborative learning projects. Moreover, our commitment to data security and privacy ensures that sensitive information remains protected, making Ayoa a trusted choice for organisations of all sizes.

Why not explore how Ayoa can help your business work more collaboratively?

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