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Revolutionising Video Creation with AI Technology

At Synthesia, we're at the forefront of revolutionising how professional videos are created. Founded in 2017 by a diverse team of AI researchers and entrepreneurs from UCL, Stanford, TUM, and Cambridge, our mission has always been clear: to make video creation easy and accessible for everyone. This ambition is rooted in the power of Artificial Intelligence, leveraging the latest in synthetic media to enable content creation without the traditional requisites of cameras, microphones, or studios. As the #1 AI Video Creation Platform, we are dedicated to transforming the video content creation landscape, making it scalable, affordable, and of the highest quality.

Main Features

Our platform offers a suite of features designed to streamline the video production process, making it as simple as crafting a slide deck. With over 160 ethnically diverse stock AI Avatars and the ability to create videos in more than 130 languages, our technology ensures your content is as diverse and inclusive as your audience. Our text-to-speech technology and custom AI avatars, including the option for voice cloning, mean that personalised and professional voiceovers are just a few clicks away.

The ability to integrate seamlessly with various media, including a rich media library and the option to upload your fonts and soundtracks, ensures your brand remains consistent across all videos. Our platform is also equipped with a host of integrations and sharing options, making it easy to disseminate your videos across different channels and platforms efficiently.

Security is paramount at Synthesia. We adhere to SOC 2 and GDPR compliance, providing a secure environment for your creative process. Content moderation is applied rigorously to ensure the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence, safeguarding the community from misuse.

Use Cases

Synthesia’s AI Video Creation Platform finds its strength not only in its innovative features but also in its versatility across various applications and industries. Our technology is adept at meeting the diverse needs of professionals and organisations, providing solutions that span from internal communications to customer engagement. Here are some key areas where Synthesia is making a significant impact:

Learning & Development

In the realm of Learning & Development (L&D), Synthesia transforms traditional, often tedious, training materials into engaging and interactive video content. Our platform enables teams to replace dense texts, PowerPoints, and PDFs with dynamic videos, enhancing learning retention and employee motivation. Organisations report a notable increase in enthusiasm and engagement among employees, leading to more effective and enjoyable learning experiences.

Sales Enablement

For sales teams, the ability to quickly grasp and retain product knowledge is crucial. Synthesia empowers organisations to create high-quality sales enablement videos that are not only engaging but also facilitate quicker knowledge transfer. These videos serve as invaluable tools for sales professionals, ensuring they have the knowledge and confidence to drive conversations and conversions.

Customer Service

Customer service departments can revolutionise their support resources by converting complex help articles into concise, easy-to-understand videos. This transformation significantly enhances the customer support experience, providing users with accessible and helpful resources that address their needs more effectively than traditional text-based content.


Creating compelling technical videos can be challenging, yet it's critical for maintaining organisational integrity. Synthesia enables businesses to produce engaging information security videos, making key concepts and practices more relatable and understandable for all employees. This approach not only improves compliance rates but also fosters a culture of security awareness within the organisation.


Marketers can utilise Synthesia to swiftly produce professional-looking product explainers, campaign videos, and content for social media. This capability enables the rapid deployment of marketing strategies, significantly reducing the time from concept to execution. The result is an enhanced ability to capture market attention, convey compelling messages, and achieve greater impact with campaigns.

In each of these use cases, Synthesia's AI Video Creation Platform stands out for its ability to deliver high-quality, cost-effective video content quickly and efficiently. By reducing reliance on traditional video production methods, organisations can be more agile in their content creation, adapting to the evolving needs of their audiences and the dynamics of the digital marketplace. Whether it's for training, sales, customer support, security awareness, or marketing, Synthesia offers a powerful tool that aligns with the strategic objectives of businesses across industries, enabling them to communicate more effectively, engage their audience deeply, and achieve their goals with greater precision.


By combining AI-driven innovation with user-centric design, we've eliminated the traditional barriers associated with video production. Our platform is not just about saving costs and time—though our clients, including Xerox and Zoom, have seen significant savings—it's about unlocking a new realm of creativity and engagement. High-quality, professional videos that once took days and a hefty budget can now be created in minutes, opening up unprecedented opportunities for training, sales enablement, customer service, marketing, and more.

The real value of Synthesia lies in its ability to make video creation not only accessible but also engaging, inclusive, and constantly evolving. Whether it's transforming tedious training modules into captivating learning experiences or enabling marketers to produce compelling product explainers swiftly, our platform stands as a testament to the power of AI in unleashing human creativity.

So, unleash unlimited creative potential and join us in making video content creation effortless, engaging, and effective for businesses worldwide.

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