Fundraising Bootcamp

Get Investor-Ready in 3 Weeks
Fundraising Bootcamp
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We are Europe's #1 Investment Readiness Platform. We help Founders and Entrepreneurs raise cash efficiently and on better terms from top VCs and investors, globally.

Is it the right time to join the Bootcamp?

It takes a lot of time, and focused work, to complete your round of funding. Ideally, you would be looking to join our Bootcamp around six months before you want to close your investing round.

The Fundraising Bootcamp happens both online and on-site, always in person, and never pre-recorded. Our online classes were designed for you to run your company on the side while becoming a master of your own fundraising process. Both programs offer the same high-intensity, hardcore classes.

How the Bootcamp works

Small Cohort
Get personalised advice and attention based on your company’s specific needs and fundraising goals.

Real-life scenarios
No BS-theory, no platitudes. Learn from our 25 years of experience in the industry, fundraising and investing.

Constant support and iteration
Learn from a seasoned fundraiser, get feedback, work and iterate multiple times with a peer group in a similar stage.

Bootcamp toolkit
Lifetime access to a robust dashboard of professional and proven tools, templates and materials.

Seed to Series C
Valuable to any founder from Seed round all the way to Series C. We support companies with high growth potential.

Interactive and action-driven
Intensive, interactive and hands-on. We don’t just teach you, but take your hand and guide you through the preparation process.

What you get
Professional Fundraising Tools
Unique Advice from Industry Experts
Documentation Templates
Action-Driven Workshops
Pitch Deck Iteration
Pitch Delivery Group Class
Pitch Delivery 1 on 1 Sessions
Financial Storyline Review
Access to 4.500 EU/UK Investor List
Investors/VC Guest Talk
Group and P2P Sessions
1 on 1 Advisory Sessions
Lifetime Access to Alumni Community
Hands-On Classes
Fully Live Sessions
Office Hours

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50% off a co-founder's place on our programme
High Street, Croydon
2 March 2023
£2,500 £5,000 (-50%)
Half Price
  •  England
    15 June 2023 - 6 July 2023 , 09:00 AM until 05:00 PM
    09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
    Business Type: Training
    Join our next cohort on our online fundraising BootCamp - 20 places available
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Jun 2023

Online fundraising bootcamp
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM