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Your Customer Support, Reimagined by Algomo with Generative AI
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Transforming Customer Service and Support with Generative AI

At Algomo, generative AI has the potential to transform customer service completely. Our mission is simple; we want to use AI to solve the vast majority of customer service queries without the need for human input.

Overview of the Company

With over 1,300 users and partnerships with more than ten universities, government bodies, and large corporations, we're leading the charge in making customer support automated and genuinely intelligent. Our name, a blend of 'Algorithm' and 'Homo' (human), reflects our commitment to human-centred AI that enhances human capabilities and provides inclusive, unbiased support.

Designed for industries where customer support can be a differentiator – including E-Commerce, SaaS, Fintech, and Travel – Algomo's platform ensures businesses can offer top-tier support around the clock. From automating routine queries to empowering agents with AI-driven insights and live-sharing options, we cover the entire spectrum of customer support needs.

Main Features

Rapid Automation Deployment: Implement a ChatGPT-like bot for your website in under 4 minutes, resolving requests and escalating complex cases with no training or maintenance required.

High Resolution Rates: Achieve up to 85% resolution through automation with an average model accuracy of 92%, significantly reducing costs and improving customer and employee satisfaction.

Efficient Support Routing: Automatically label, categorise, and triage support interactions to cut down on manual tasks and handling times.

Agent Empowerment: Support agents are bolstered with AI suggestions, and the ability to share screens live, enhancing productivity and response times.

Seamless Data Integration: Turn existing support articles, conversations, and website content into personalised answers, ensuring consistency and relevancy in every interaction.

Omnichannel Support: Offer self-service options across any communication channel, including a dedicated business messenger, email, and Slack, among others.

Multilingual Capabilities: Deliver personalised customer experiences on a global scale with a chatbot that understands and communicates in over 100 languages.


Algomo is committed to transforming customer support by making AI central to the customer service process.

By automating simple cases, empowering self-service, and intelligently triaging complex tickets, we enable businesses to focus on growth while ensuring their customers receive the support they deserve.

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