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Discover wide range of public and private advice, and research resources.

+ Plentiful export advice: There are myriad resources available to help SMEs boost their exports.
+ Public sector support: Boosting SME exports is seen as an important component of economic growth.
+ Private sector resources: From bank export portals to research databases, there is a wide range of resources available.
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Kick-start your export journey

When considering whether exporting is right for your business, there are a huge number of issues that you will need to consider. BizEquals wants to help you quickly and easily find the necessary resources that will allow you to successfully begin the process of internationalisation.

We have put together a comprehensive guide that will help you find the information that you need to begin the process.

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Other countries provide fantastic advice

Explore our unique guide to 62 key export markets around the world
Other countries' export advice

UK Governments

Getting more SMEs exporting is a key objective of the government. Only around 20% of them currently trade overseas and helping more do so could have a significant impact on national growth.

Individual home nations have their own resources dedicated to providing export advice.

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Country Research

Once you have decided that you would like to explore the benefits of exporting for your business, you will want to find out about potential target markets.

Getting an insight into the economic, cultural and business practices of a country can help you understand whether your business is ready to explore a particular market.

Some great resources exist to help you understand the opportunities available.

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General Advice

Export advice is big business. Many different organisations and associations are set up to provide a wide range of advice. Getting companies to export more is an important part of the government's economic strategy.

Here’s a collection of some of the best resources that can help your business either start exporting or broaden the number of markets and increase the volume of your exports.

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UK Banks Export Advice

UK banks have begun to wake up to the fact that SMEs need access to a wide range of support, including financial support, when planning a move into new markets abroad.

Links to their export portals can be found below:

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Export Opportunities

The Department of International Trade lists over 21,000 export sales leads for products and services.

Going Global Live is the number one show in Europe for businesses that are looking to expand internationally, export their products or services or set up an operation overseas.

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