Other Countries' Export Advice

Foreign countries often provide fantastic advice for companies looking to export there.

+ Global markets: Find expert local advice from around the globe
+ Guidance and support: Foreign investment agencies provide a wealth of local knowledge and contacts
+ Informed decisions: Make sure you take on expert local advice to ensure your business fully understands the market, the risks, and the opportunities.
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A world of export possibilities

Many other countries are keen on helping both their own companies export as well as providing guidance and advice to those oversea companies looking to trade or invest in their own country. These investment agencies can provide a rich source of information for UK companies look to do business locally.

They will often provide a detailed overview of key sectors, guidance about local legislation and customs, background information about political and economic conditions, specific support to companies looking to invest and detail any incentive schemes they may have for overseas companies.

Below, we provide links to a number of key export destinations for UK companies, spanning 6 continents. They include well established markets, like the EU and the US, fast growing markets like Vietnam, and huge, relatively untapped markets like India.

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Globe graphic of Europe


Globe graphic of North America

N. America

Globe graphic of South America

S. America

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Globe graphic of Asia


Globe graphic of Australasia



Invest in Austria graphic
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Invest Bulgaria graphic
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Invest Cyprus graphic
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North America

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Invest in Mexico graphic
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South America

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Invest in Colombia graphic
Panama ProPanama graphic
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Botswana Investment and Trade Centre
Invest in Egypt graphic
Ethiopian Investment Commission graphic
Ghana Investment Promotion Centre graphic
Kenya Investment Authority graphic
Morocco Now graphic
Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission graphic
Visit Rwanda
Invest South Africa graphic
Tanzania Investment Centre graphic


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