Helping build deeper local partnerships

National business growth and export success begins with understanding the strengths and weaknesses found locally

Some great reasons to partner with us

BizEquals aims to be a unique intersection between SMEs and organisations who can help them grow and be more productive.

Every company has its roots somewhere. From company foundation through winning the first customer and then taking on the first employee, every company needs nurturing to take root and flourish.

Local Enterprise Partnerships, their Growth Hubs and Local Authorities are critical to the development of 'place' so that local businesses can be supported in their growth ambitions. By joining BizEquals, your local strengths and expertise can be amplified nationally, helping build greater links within your region and beyond.

As the world moves towards multi-industry ecosystems, we believe that small businesses are well-placed to take advantage of the opportunities the digital economy presents.

BizEquals is a unique intersection of networking, collaborating SMEs, larger corporates wanting to localise or expand their supply chains, business schools and universities fostering innovation and providing expertise, and a wide variety of companies who offer advice, products or services that target the SME market.

This platform-based ecosystem is designed to equip SMEs with the means to drive their growth and boost productivity. Much of this will be local, a lot may be regional or national. Our goal is to, as soon as practicable, also make it international, by embracing overseas SMEs.

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Growth Hubs

As the pre-eminent focus of business support within your area, getting your services, support and guidance in front of a local and national audience is vital. BizEquals provides a unique opportunity to showcase your services on the same platform as businesses that are looking for new customers and suppliers, as well as other opportunities to boost their growth and productivity.

We already have a dedicated Growth Hub page providing a link to your home page. To enhance your presence on our site, why not sign up to a Growth package? Along with a membership listing, allowing you to showcase your services to a national audience, you can add B2B Prospects, such as business offers, collaboration projects or wanted quotes. You can also promote your products and services and any events you may be organising.

Local Authorities

Supporting your local businesses is a vital part of ensuring your area continues to flourish. With many issues affecting your local business community, from Covid-19 to Brexit, getting support to the right businesses at the right time can be both necessary and hugely beneficial to your community. The BizEquals platform is designed to allow you to showcase your local services, to both a local and national audience, in a highly cost-effective way.

Find out more about our areas of focus

Customers & Suppliers

allowing SMEs to find and verify quality new customers and suppliers efficiently and cost-effectively.

Export Advice

advice and support to get SMEs exporting more.

Business Support

SMEs can benefit from a wide variety of readily available advice covering growth, strategy, financial, legal, marketing and more.

Digital Skills Training

making sure SMEs have access to the right skills to help them navigate the digital economy successfully.

Business Finance

getting access to the right type of finance is critical to help SMEs grow.

Digital Office

helping SMEs outsource internal functions and processes to become more efficient (as well as any other great time and money saving apps).

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Key benefits of joining BizEquals


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B2B Prospects

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Why Not Join Us?

Our Growth Package is designed to allow you to showcase your Business Support services to a wider, national audience.

Introductory Offer: just £99/yr (50% off)
It is a highly cost-effective way of connecting with your local business community, as well as promoting your area nationally.

Membership profile - your own page

Products & Services - choose which ones to showcase

B2B Prospects - highlight key opportunities

Events - help to educate & inform

Community - connect, learn, and share

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