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Cipexi S.A.

The “Compagnie Ivoirienne de Promotion pour l’Exportation et l’Importation”- CIPEXI SA - is a Public Limited Company sourcing in cocoa and coffee. CIPEXI SA is a key player in the cocoa and coffee sectors in Cote d’Ivoire. It is established at the heart o
Cipexi S.A.
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CIPEXI SA operates mainly in the agro-industry. Its main activity is to trade in cocoa and coffee. This activity covers all operations ranging from purchase (procurement) to sale (export):

  • Purchase of gross material (cocoa beans, green coffee or coffee pre-processed by farmers) and risk management.
  • Our purchase network is composed of suppliers (cooperatives and processing plants) from production areas all across C�te d’Ivoire. Our portfolio of potential suppliers (cooperatives and processing plants) is composed of about 900 contacts (including prospects).
  • The processing of gross materials (cocoa and coffee) is done in our plants located in Abidjan and San Pedro to ensure that the product is in compliance with export standards and the specific requirements of our customers.
  • Our processed products are adequately packaged in high quality bags that help preserve all their characteristics.
  • The products are then stored in our own storage facilities pending shipping.
  • Appropriate handling is used for shipping, and products are shipped from the seaports of Abidjan and San Pedro to various destinations.
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Founded: 1956
Employees: 30