What or Who is the Angel Investment Network?

Connecting Startups with Investors

Trinity College Dublin library centre of learning The Angel Investment Network (AIN) is a company based in London that connects startups with angel investors. Founded in 2012, AIN has a network of over 25,000 investors that include professional angels, high-net-worth individuals, and others interested in investing in early-stage companies.

AIN focuses primarily on startups in sectors like technology, healthcare, consumer goods and other high-growth areas. It screens applicant startups, accepting around 3% onto its platform. These startups can then connect with relevant investors in AIN's network through pitch events and its online platform.

The typical fundraising ranges from £150,000 to £2 million for startups that get funding via AIN's investors. AIN charges startups a 4-6% success fee on funds raised. Since starting in 2012, over £700 million has been invested into startups through AIN. Some notable startups funded include Monzo, Babylon Health and Nested.