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30-day free trial plus a 50% discount on any plan for the first 12 months.
4 December 2023 - 31 May 2024 4 December 2023 31 May 2024
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Boost your business growth with an Offer from Pipedrive

At BizEquals, we understand the challenges and aspirations of SMEs and why Sales are critical to business success.

That's why we're excited to present a fantastic offer from Pipedrive, a leader in sales-focused CRM solutions, available to our Premium Package members.

The Pipedrive Offer:

When you subscribe to a BizEquals Premium package, you will benefit from a 30-day free trial plus a 50% discount for the first 12 months on any chosen Pipedrive plan.

Potential Savings:
Example 1:
One User on the Essential Plan:
Annual payment is £178.80. 50% saving is £89.40

Example 2:
Five users on the most popular Professional Plan
Annual payment is  £2,994. 50% saving is £1,497!

Pipedrive offers a suite of products within the market-leading CRM that are designed to help businesses grow and operate more efficiently.

Here's a brief overview:

1. Sales Software: Pipedrive's all-in-one sales software is designed to help your business grow. It provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing and tracking sales activities, helping you drive deals towards completion.

2. Email Marketing Software: This tool allows you to create and send customisable email campaigns with professional templates. It's designed to help you engage your audience and get more clicks.

3. Project Management Software: This software helps you conceptualise, manage, and deliver your next big project from one place, enabling you to reach your goals faster.

4. Marketplace Integrations: Pipedrive can be synced with over 400 tools, including Google, Quickbooks, Asana, Slack, Kixie and more. This allows for a seamless workflow across different platforms.

5. Lead Generation Software: The LeadBooster add-on includes four powerful tools to help you generate more high-quality leads. It's a great tool for businesses looking to expand their customer base.

6. Web Visitor Tracking: With Pipedrive's Web Visitors add-on, you can discover which companies are visiting your site. This can provide valuable insights for targeted marketing and sales efforts.

7. Documents and Templates: Pipedrive allows you to create shareable, trackable documents and templates with Smart Docs. This can help you strike while the deal is hot and close sales more effectively.

Each of these products is designed to optimise different aspects of your business operations, making Pipedrive a versatile and valuable tool for any business looking to grow and succeed.

To access this Offer, sign up for a Premium Package here.

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