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Deskpro: Your All-in-One Customer Support Solution

Deskpro is a comprehensive helpdesk software designed to streamline your customer service operations and enhance your team's productivity. It is available on Cloud or On-Premise.

With Deskpro, you can manage all your customer interactions through a single, unified interface, regardless of the channel. This platform supports a wide array of channels, including Email, Chat, Social Media, Voice, Forms, and Reviews, making it easier for your company to connect with customers wherever they are.

Deskpro doesn't just centralise communication; it enhances it. Features like Automation and Customisation allow you to tailor the support experience to your needs, ensuring that responses are both quick and relevant.

The Help Centre feature allows customers to find answers themselves through a comprehensive knowledge base, reducing the load on your support team. Integration capabilities mean Deskpro works seamlessly with your existing tools, while the Messenger and Multi-brand features ensure you can provide a consistent experience across various brands or departments.

Reporting tools offer deep insights into customer interactions and support performance, enabling data-driven decisions to optimise your support strategy further.


Deskpro offers a 14-day free trial that gives access to the whole platform, and is available on Cloud or On-Premise.

There are 3 paid plans available, with pricing based on features and a minimum number of users. There are discounts available for Education students and staff and for Non-Profits.

See the website for a full list of features and plan comparisons.

Use Cases

Customer Support: Deskpro excels in managing external customer queries and issues, providing a responsive and efficient service platform that keeps customer satisfaction high.

Internal Support: Beyond external customer support, Deskpro is equally adept at handling internal support tickets, helping your teams resolve operational issues swiftly.

Publishing: With Deskpro, publishing support content for both internal and external audiences is streamlined, ensuring your users and employees have access to the information they need.

Sales & CRM: Deskpro goes beyond traditional support roles, offering tools that aid in sales processes and customer relationship management, thereby driving growth.

Specific Roles

Agents benefit from an intuitive interface and tools that help them respond to queries efficiently and effectively.

Managers can oversee operations with ease, thanks to comprehensive reporting and dashboards that offer insights into team performance and customer satisfaction.

Admins and System Admins appreciate the platform's customisability and integration capabilities, which allow them to tailor the system to the company's specific needs.

C-Suite executives find value in the platform's ability to provide a high-level overview of customer engagement and support effectiveness, informing strategic decisions.

Developers can leverage Deskpro's API for custom integrations, ensuring the platform works seamlessly with existing systems and workflows.


Deskpro is more than just a customer support tool; it's a comprehensive platform that supports your business in delivering exceptional service across multiple channels and touchpoints. With its robust feature set, Deskpro ensures that every interaction with your customers is an opportunity to impress, engage, and retain.

Transform your customer support experience with Deskpro. Start streamlining your support operations today and see the difference it makes in your customer satisfaction and team efficiency. Visit Deskpro to learn more and sign up for a trial.
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