Simplify spending, manage your team's expenses, and control your finances with Pleo.
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Simplify your business spending and expenses

Pleo is revolutionising the way businesses handle their expenses. Established in Copenhagen in 2015 by fintech veterans Jeppe Rindom and Niccolo Perra, Pleo offers a comprehensive spending solution designed to alleviate the burdens of traditional financial management.

Catering to over 30,000 businesses across 16 European countries, Pleo has become a staple for entities aiming for streamlined fiscal operations. Its smart company cards, combined with an intuitive management platform, ensure that finance teams and employees can efficiently and transparently handle expenses.

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Main Features

Company Cards: Pleo offers virtual and physical cards that can be used for various business expenses, eliminating the need for petty cash or shared credit cards. Spending is available in over 50 currencies, you get your first 3 cards free, and you can earn up to 1% cashback (T&Cs apply).

Automated Expense Management: Pleo automates expense reports by capturing receipts through their app, reducing manual work and errors.

Real-Time Tracking: Gain instant visibility into all company spending with real-time expense tracking and insightful reports.

Integrations: Pleo integrates seamlessly with popular accounting tools like Xero and Quickbooks, streamlining the reconciliation process.

Spend Management Controls: Set individual spending limits, define approval workflows, and manage recurring payments for better financial control.

Reimbursements: Simplify employee expense reimbursements with automated processing within company policy.

Mileage Tracking: Pleo calculates mileage and fuel costs for work trips, simplifying expense claims.

Subscription Management: Track and manage business subscriptions from a centralised dashboard.



Pleo's pricing structure is designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, offering plans that scale with your company's needs.

The Starter plan - ideal for micro companies, is free, covering basic features like real-time expense tracking and automated expense reports.

The Essential plan - at £39 per month (when billed annually), includes additional benefits like cashback and advanced spend analytics.

The Advanced plan - for large organisations requiring comprehensive financial management,  at £89 per month (billed annually) provides higher cashback and extensive services, including dedicated support and open API access.


Use Cases

Pleo is versatile enough to support various business types, from startups to large corporations. Startups will appreciate the autonomous spending solutions that foster a trustworthy company culture. 

Small businesses will benefit from the elimination of manual expense reports and the ease of tracking recurring payments.

For larger enterprises, Pleo's multi-entity support and custom configuration options ensure smooth and scalable financial operations.



Pleo is one of Europe's leading spend management solutions, offering businesses the tools to optimise their financial operations. Its comprehensive features, flexible pricing, and robust security measures provide a trustworthy and efficient spending management solution.

Transform your business spending with Pleo. Get started today and experience financial management as it should be: simple, secure, and efficient.

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