Drive growth with GDPR-compliant, phone-verified B2B data.
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Power your sales and marketing teams with intelligent data and high-quality mobile phone contacts

Cognism is one of the leading companies helping your business with prospecting, lead generation, and conversion.

Founded in 2015 by James Isilay and Stjepan Buljat, our mission is to equip sales and marketing teams with the tools and insights they need to drive predictable revenue growth and forge meaningful connections with their customers.

Cognism operates globally, with a strong presence in key markets such as EMEA, NAM, and APAC. Our journey began with a firm belief that accurate data is the foundation of successful prospecting.

This conviction has propelled us to the forefront of the sales intelligence industry, where we continue to set new standards for data quality, compliance, and customer success.

At the core of our ethos are innovation, precision, and compliance. We are committed to providing intelligent, legally compliant data solutions that propel businesses forward and adhere to the highest industry standards, including GDPR.


Cognism offers a comprehensive suite of data solutions to streamline prospecting and enhance connection rates for sales and marketing teams. Most Sales reps spend up to 20% of their time researching prospects and an additional 30% of their time on bad data. Cognism is designed to solve this problem.

Our flagship product, Diamond Data®, is a premium data asset offering phone-verified mobile numbers, ensuring you always reach the right decision-makers. Our platform lets you access GDPR-compliant, international B2B contact and company data seamlessly integrated with leading CRM and sales engagement tools.

The Sales Prospector tool helps you to build ideal-fit accounts and lead lists enriched with premium situational and contact data, including the most accurate phone-verified mobile numbers on the market. This powerful solution combines firmographics, technographic, and buyer intent signals, providing a holistic understanding of your buyers and enabling you to craft relevant messaging that resonates.

Our Enrich solution ensures your CRM data is always up-to-date and accurate, enabling faster routing, smarter scoring, and optimised lead-to-rep assignments. With scheduled or instant enrichment options, you can prevent stale data, maintain accuracy in segmentation, and improve overall sales productivity.

The Browser Extension grants easy access to business emails, mobile numbers, and GDPR-compliant data directly from corporate websites, LinkedIn, and your CRM or sales engagement tools.

Furthermore, our Buyer Intent Data solution, powered by Bombora, enables you to identify accounts actively searching for solutions like yours, prioritising outreach and targeting key decision-makers when they're ready to buy.

Target Audience/Customers

Cognism's solutions cater to the needs of sales and marketing teams across diverse industries and sectors. Whether you're a startup seeking a foothold in new markets or an established corporation aiming to optimise your outreach strategies, our tools are designed to help you pinpoint and engage with decision-makers who drive real business growth.

By partnering with Cognism, our clients enjoy tangible benefits that directly impact their bottom line. The accuracy and reliability of our data solutions mean dramatically improved connection rates. At the same time, our commitment to compliance ensures peace of mind in all outreach activities.

Our unique value proposition lies in our ability to provide real-time, phone-verified, and GDPR-cleaned contact information, dramatically reducing the time and resources spent on unproductive prospecting.

With Cognism, businesses can focus on what truly matters – building relationships, having more meaningful conversations, and closing deals faster. Why not discover how Cognism can help boost your sales and marketing and drive business growth?

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