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Improve your skills and those of your team with career-enhancing courses.
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Ensure your staff are fully trained and compliant to ensure the growth of your company

New Skills Academy stands at the forefront of professional development, offering a comprehensive suite of courses tailored for the modern business environment. With a focus on staff training and business-oriented courses, it provides a robust platform for companies keen on advancing their workforce's skills and competencies. 

The academy's flexible learning modules are designed to fit seamlessly into busy schedules, making skill enhancement accessible for everyone in your organisation. The courses are online and instructor-led, with programmes tailored to your company’s requirements.

Main Features

Staff Training: New Skills Academy, in association with our sister company, Staff Skills Training, excels in delivering high-quality staff training solutions that cater to various industries. 

These courses are carefully designed to meet the changing needs of businesses, ensuring your team remains competitive in a dynamic market. From customer service excellence to leadership and management skills, each course is aimed at fostering a productive and efficient workplace. You will have an advanced dashboard, allowing you to track the progress of your staff. 

Business-Oriented Courses: Beyond individual skill development, New Skills Academy offers an array of courses designed with businesses in mind. These include topics on digital marketing, financial management, bookkeeping, and Microsoft packages, among many others. 

These courses not only equip your team with necessary industry-specific knowledge but also instil a broader understanding of today's business landscape, encouraging innovation and strategic thinking.

With over 700 CPD and RoSPA-certified courses spanning 33 categories, you can ensure that all departments are covered.

Staff training packages start from £5.50 per user per month, based on a 25-user package.

Use Cases

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): SMEs can leverage specific courses to fill skill gaps, enhancing their competitive edge without the need for significant investment in traditional training programmes.

Large Corporations: For larger organisations, comprehensive learning paths can be designed to standardise skill sets across departments, promoting consistency and efficiency.

Individual Professionals: Ambitious professionals seeking to advance their careers can benefit from targeted learning, aligning their skills with industry demands.


New Skills Academy serves as a great resource for businesses aiming to nurture a knowledgeable, skilled workforce. Its specialised courses in staff training and business acumen address the critical skills needed in today's fast-paced professional world. 

The Academy's commitment to flexibility, affordability, and quality makes it an ideal partner for companies striving for excellence and growth.

Are you ready to transform your team's potential and drive your business forward? Explore New Skills Academy today and discover the perfect training solution to meet your company's needs.

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