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Shared Workspaces: A Flexible Office Solution for Your Business

What is a Shared Workspace?

A shared workspace is a professional office environment that multiple businesses or individuals access. Unlike traditional offices, you don't pay for dedicated space. Instead, you pay a monthly membership fee to use the shared amenities.

Shared workspaces provide access to:

  • Fully furnished private offices or open desk spaces
  • Meeting rooms equipped with AV tools
  • Lounges and kitchens to take breaks
  • Business amenities like WiFi, printers, coffee
  • Networking and social events

This shared approach cuts costs compared to conventional offices. It also creates opportunities to connect with other small business owners.

Benefits of Using a Shared Workspace

Lower Costs

  • Pay only for the space you need without significant overhead
  • No long-term leases or commitments
  • Built-in amenities without upfront investments

Increased Flexibility

  • Scale up or down quickly as your business changes
  • Access offices worldwide through networks like WeWork

Collaboration & Networking

  • Work among other entrepreneurs and professionals
  • Attend workshops and social events
  • Brainstorm ideas and make valuable connections

How to Find a Shared Workspace

Major UK cities like London, Manchester, and Birmingham offer many options. Browse sites like:

Look for workspaces near public transport or with parking. Compare prices and amenities such as private offices, meeting rooms, events, and community perks.

Tour spaces in person to get a feel for the environment and community. It goes with saying that you should make sure it aligns with your business needs before signing up.

Costs of Shared Workspaces

Prices vary by location (London and Cambridge are double most other places), but expect to pay:

  • £225 - £900 per desk/month 
  • £300 - ££££ for a private office

Many offer discounts for longer commitments (6-12 months). This locks in a lower rate if you plan to stay.

You pay for amenities like WiFi, printing, coffee, and cleaning services. No extra utility or equipment bills!

The Pros and Cons


  • Increased flexibility
  • Access to business amenities
  • Cost savings
  • Networking and community
  • Professional environment


  • Less privacy than private offices
  • Spaces fill up during peak times
  • Monthly commitment required
  • Commuting if not near public transport

Is a Shared Workspace Right for Your Business?

Shared workspaces offer huge advantages over traditional office spaces if you value flexibility, networking, and a collaborative environment. The lower cost and ability to scale up or down quickly also appeal to small businesses with fluctuating needs.

Review your budget, location, and office needs—tour potential spaces. A shared workspace could provide the ideal, cost-effective solution for your business.

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